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From Seeing to Hearing

As the investigative service for financial and tax crime in the Netherlands, FIOD is a rather distinctive organisation. Since it started in 1945 investigating money earned by black market trading and tax fraud during the war years, FIOD has now expanded its investigative tasks to other financial and tax crimes such as money laundering, corruption, Customs fraud, terrorist financing and criminal abuse of cryptocurrencies. FIOD acts under the supervision of the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office.

FIOD receives reports and signals on a daily basis. These reports and signals often originate from domestic and foreign public sector agencies, such as the Tax Administration, FIU-the Netherlands or the Dutch Central Bank, from private sector entities such as financial institutions, or from observant citizens. FIOD itself also generates signals by means of data analysis and proactively responding to fraud trends and (criminal) market developments.


FIOD has an intricate work process. The animation below explains what FIOD does and how it fits in the Dutch legal system. Any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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