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FCInet pilot with the United Kingdom

The Netherlands and The United Kingdom have conducted the first operational matching between two international partners connected to the FCInet network.

What is FCInet?

FCInet is a non-commercial (government-developed) decentralized computer system that enables financial criminal investigation services and/or tax organisations from different jurisdictions to work together, while respecting each other’s local autonomy. FCInet allows them to jointly connect information, without having to surrender data or control to a central database or authority, and without unlawful intrusion on privacy.

FCInet is being rolled out to enable law enforcement and tax administration activities both internationally and domestically. 

Pilot The United Kingdom

In the pilot, project data was matched from criminal investigations that are carried out in The United Kingdom and the Netherlands. This pilot was a huge success. The objective was to gain experience with operational data as partners. We opted for a small data set and for the Netherlands this resulted in five matches that will be checked with the United Kingdom via Interpol.

Information: Wietske Visser, +31 6 18 60 77 61

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