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Criminal Intelligence Team (TCI)

Written text

Every year fraud worth tens of billions
of euros is being committed.

With money that is meant to renovate
rented flats…

or with pension money.

With money from investors
and suppliers

And with our tax money.

Often it is laundered in exotic places
and ends up in the pocket of criminals.

As it happens everywhere around us…

you might have noticed something.

Perhaps you feel that it is unjust…

and that fraud should be punished.

You can tell the FIOD's criminal
information team all about it…

without a mention of your name
in the report.

Mind you, it has to be about large-scale
and organised fraud or crime.

It works as follows:

After a phone conversation we make an
appointment to get to know each other.

If we both agree to proceed,
we meet in a public place.

Only the TCI inspector you talk to
knows your name.

He won't tell your name
to his colleagues at the FIOD.

The public prosecutor, who will
further conduct the investigation…

will never know your identity.

Your story could very well lead
to a court case.

In that case not even the judge
will know who you are.

No one will ever know
that you have informed us.

You can make
an important contribution…

to the fight against large-scale
and organised fraud and crime.

We would love to hear from you.

Only together we can push back fraud.

Want to share something with us
anonymously? Call 088 15 51 661.

TCI is the criminal intelligence team within the FIOD that gathers intelligence about serious financial-economic and tax crimes. Shielding the identity of informants and personal contact between informants and handlers are essential aspects of the team’s working method.
This short animated film explains how TCI operates.

What are the activities of TCI?

TCI gathers intelligence about serious financial-economic and tax crimes. The key source for intelligence gathering are informants; people who secretly provide information to the FIOD. This information may be used to prevent serious crimes or to initiate or support criminal investigations.

Do I remain anonymous if I contact TCI?

TCI has the legal competence to shield the identity of its informants. For your security your personal details are only known within TCI. Your identity will not be disclosed outside this team.

When can I contact TCI?

You can contact TCI if you have information on serious financial-economic and tax crimes, such as money laundering, illegal use of cryptocurrency, corruption and fraud.

How to contact TCI?

The first contact with the TCI takes place by phone, via number +31 (0)88 155 16 61. You will get a TCI staff member on the phone who will ask particular details regarding the information you would like to share. Your information will be assessed to determine whether it concerns a matter for TCI. If this is the case you will be contacted by a TCI staff member for a follow-up.

When can TCI be reached?

On working days TCI can be reached from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. In case of urgency – outside office hours – the team can be reached via an on-call number, mentioned on the team’s answering machine.